March 1, 2024 Fishing Report
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March 1, 2024 Fishing Report

Date Published:
Mar 01, 2024
March 1, 2024 Fishing Report

March 1, 2024 Fishing Report

Los Suenos Marina Costa Rica Fishing Charter Boats

Our congratulations go out to the Leg 2 winners of the Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown championships!

As the sun rises over the serene waters off the coast of Los Suenos, anticipation mounts among anglers eager to cast their lines into the rich Pacific depths. March promises another exciting month of fishing adventures and spectacular catches. With the early morning light shimmering across a world-class fleet of fishing charter boats docked at the Los Suenos Marina, the gentle breeze carries a promise of fruitful expeditions. We’re setting our sights on a variety of species that inhabit these bountiful waters as we prepare to head out. From thrilling battles with majestic billfish to the pursuit of delectable table fare, join us as we explore the heart of Costa Rica's premier sportfishing destination with our newest fishing report.

Early March Fishing Weather 🎣☀️

Los Suenos Sport Fishing Charter Boat Costa Rica

In early March, Los Suenos boasts idyllic fishing weather that beckons anglers from across the globe. On land, the days are characterized by balmy temperatures and clear skies, creating the perfect backdrop for Los Suenos sportfishing. Out on the water, the ocean remains comfortably warm, with average temperatures hovering around 84-87°F, enticing a diverse array of warm-water-loving fish species to the area. The Pacific mirrors the tranquility of the Costa Rican summertime, offering calm seas and plenty of sunshine. As much of the northern hemisphere continues to grapple with ice cold weather, March in Costa Rica offers an irresistible opportunity to get away from it all. We’re in the best season of the year for fishing Los Suenos, so if you’ve had it up to here with sleet and snow, drop that shovel and get your flights booked ASAP.

Offshore Bites 🎣🐟

Big Tuna Los Suenos Costa Rica

March is prime-time for offshore fishing in Los Suenos, where deep sea waters are buzzing with activity. Anglers can expect exciting encounters with Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, and Sailfish, known for their powerful fights and impressive displays. Notably, MISS AC recently made waves during Leg 2 of the Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown, reeling in a remarkable 86 Sailfish for catch and release in order to clinch a 1st place victory! While such numbers might be exceptional, they highlight the incredible density of fish in these Pacific waters. In addition to big Tuna, Marlin and Sails, Dorado (Mahi Mahi) are common year-round, often surprising anglers while they’re targeting other species. The ocean is alive with action, and March offers the perfect window for anglers to dive into the excitement and experience the thrill of offshore fishing.

Inshore Bites 🎣

Dorado Fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica

March invites anglers to explore the inshore waters of Los Suenos, where a diverse array of prized species await eager fishermen. Roosterfish, known for their powerful runs and distinctive appearance, share the coastal shallows with Snapper, smaller Yellowfin Tuna, and occasional visitors like Mahi Mahi and Snook. Inshore fishing offers numerous benefits, including the opportunity to target a variety of species within close proximity to shore. With less travel time required, anglers can maximize their time on the water, enjoying extended fishing sessions and the chance to reel in a variety of fish without venturing too far from the comfort of the coastline. Additionally, inshore fishing provides a more intimate connection with the coastal environment, allowing anglers to witness breathtaking scenery and marine life while pursuing their catch.

Book Your Charter 📲📅

As our Los Suenos fishing report draws to a close, the opportunities for unforgettable sportfishing continue to beckon. Whether you're drawn to the exhilarating challenges of offshore fishing or the tranquil allure of inshore waters, there's no shortage of excitement waiting to be discovered. Don't miss out on the chance to embark on the fishing trip of a lifetime – contact us today to inquire about availability and prepare to reel in memories that will last a lifetime.