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Carara, Costa Rica

Crocodile Mangrove
Thrilling Wildlife Tour

The Crocodile Mangrove Tour

Featured on National Geographic and Animal Planet, The Costa Rica Crocodile Tour is one of the most popular tours for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike in the Jaco Beach and Los Suenos areas of Costa Rica.

With over two-thousand crocodiles living at the mouth of this river, Tarcoles is home to the largest concentration of crocs per square kilometer in all of Central America.

The convergence of three ecosystems...draws an incredible variety of wildlife to a uniquely concentrated area.

With the convergence of three ecosystems – river, swamps and the Pacific Ocean – the mouth of the river Tarcoles draws an incredible variety of wildlife to a uniquely concentrated area. Birding enthusiasts come from all over the world to observe the incredible variety of rare species found here, and private birding tours can be arranged on request. Those who come to Costa Rica with monkeys and sloths on their agenda often leave satisfied as well after a sunset tour. With over 15 years of experience observing the mangroves and river mouth of Tarcoles, our crocodile tour educates, thrills and leaves nothing to chance.

Don’t miss out on this incredible Costa Rican experience - Just 20 minutes away from the Jaco and Los Suenos area!
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VIP Carara National Park

  • Carara, Jaco, Los Sueños, Costa Rica
  • Wildlife
  • Half Day Starting From $79
  • Easy

Per Person (4 person minimum)

Crocodiles & Carara

  • Carara, Jaco, Los Sueños, Costa Rica
  • Wildlife
  • Full Day Starting From $125
  • Easy

Per Person (4 person minimum)

VIP Carara Canopy

  • Carara, Jaco, Los Sueños, Costa Rica
  • Canopy
  • 2 Hours Starting From $75
  • Easy

Per Person (4 person minimum)

Snorkeling Outrigger Canoe

  • Carara, Jaco, Los Sueños, Costa Rica
  • Kayaking
  • Half Day Starting From $79
  • Moderate

Per Person (4 person minimum)


Scottsdale, Arizona
Nestled in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, this tour was nothing short of amazing, offering us a front-row seat to the vibrant jungle life! Our guide, Jose, was the star of the show. His extensive knowledge about Costa Rica's ecosystems and wildlife was evident, and his enthusiasm was contagious. He expertly navigated us through the mangroves, ensuring we had the best views while maintaining a respectful distance from the crocs. It was more than just a tour; it was an immersive educational journey that deepened our appreciation for nature and wildlife. We left with unforgettable memories and a newfound respect for the natural world. Kudos to Jose and the team for an outstanding experience!


Chicago, Illinois
Excellent tour, very pleasant and knowledgeable guide. Would highly recommend.


Golden, British Columbia
We had a fantastic time on the Crocodile boat tour with our family. It was perfect for all ages. We saw so many different types of birds and lots of different sizes of crocodiles. Ariel was our tour guide and he was fantastic, he really engaged with our kids and kept it very exciting. Highly recommend. The staff was so friendly.


Fresno , CA
This excursion is a must. Ariel and Bryan were wonderful in answering all our questions and assuring we had a wonderful time. I would highly recommend it.


Quakertown, PA
Trip and tour guide, Jesus, were great!

Erin Book

Vancouver , BC
Amazing experience! Guides were knowledgeable and provided lots of information for all the animals we were able to see. I will definitely be coming for another tour when I am back in town. Thanks!

Julie Bulson

Seminole, Florida

This was a great thing to do for a couple of hours, it was very cool to see all the crocs!

Karine L’Heureux

What a wonderful experience! The guide and boat driver were amazing! We had so much fun. Thank you for a beautiful morning!

Val P

Los Angeles,California

Had fun checking out the crocodiles

Fran Elberly

North Carolina

Best thing about Jaco! I highly recommend this company for tours. We had a blast over multiple days with Adventure Tours Costa Rica. We went on a monkey tour, a crocodile tour and spent a full day on ATVs in the jungle. The staff was professional and super friendly. Everyone in our group enjoyed themselves!